Fill-a-Pix Puzzle Tutorial by Conceptis Puzzles

Fill-a-Pix Puzzle Tutorial by Conceptis Puzzles
This Dot-a-Pix puzzle Tutorial is part of Logical Puzzles and Sudoku Tutorials

Fill-a-Pix are exciting Picture Logic puzzles that form whimsical pixel-composed pictures when solved. Invented by Trevor Truran and developed by Conceptis, these puzzles offer the ultimate mix of logic, art and fun while providing solvers with many hours of mentally stimulating entertainment.
Fill-a-Pix is a Minesweeper-like puzzle based on a grid with a pixilated picture hidden inside. Using logic alone, the solver determines which squares are painted and which should remain empty until the hidden picture is completely exposed.

Fill-a-Pix puzzles come in B &W and are available in many sizes and difficulty levels taking anything from five minutes to several hours to solve. Basic logic Fill-a-Pix require analysis of one clue at a time and are straightforward to solve while advanced logic Fill-a-Pix contain situations where two clues simultaneously affect each other as well as the squares around them making these puzzles very challenging and rewarding to solve.

If you like Pic-a-Pix, Sudoku and other logic puzzles, you will love Fill-a-Pix as well
Here is Fill-a-Pix Puzzle Tutorial from Conceptis Puzzles.

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